Become a confident hypnotist

Become a confident hypnotist


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Learn how to develop your confidence as a hypnotist.

Are you confident in your abilities as a hypnotist/hypnotherapist, or are there areas where your confidence is currently holding you back? Lack of confidence is something that can make or break a career in hypnosis, and it can have wider reaching repercussions too! By developing confidence in your hypnosis abilities, you will be much better equipped to deliver a great hypnosis session/performance no matter what the scenario and with whoever it is that you’re hypnotising. When you learn to become a confident hypnotist, your clients and volunteers will also notice this new found confidence, meaning they will be more confident in you, they will engage more, and you will have greater success overall!

This Become a Confident Hypnotist training course, presented by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks and Rory Z Fulcher, has been designed for anyone that is looking to become more confident doing hypnosis, whether you want to be more confident at hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis or even impromptu street hypnosis demonstrations. This course is also great for people who just want to have ‘a bit of fun’ with hypnosis! So, whatever you’re planning to use hypnosis for, this course will give you everything you need in order to become a confident hypnotist, including a whole range of easy to employ tools and strategies that will quickly begin to boost your confidence as a hypnotist!


Section 1: Causes of low confidence

We begin the course by looking at some of the main causes of low confidence for hypnotists, because there are many reasons why hypnotists and hypnotherapists may have low confidence. Some hypnotists are just naturally less confident in general, whereas others are more confident in some areas, but lacking confidence in others, or in a specific aspect of their hypnotic abilities. It might also be that ‘something happened’ in the past that caused a sudden drop in confidence. Understanding why confidence is an issue gives you a great starting point to work from, so you can move forwards and become a more confident hypnotist. Also, as well as looking at the potential causes of low confidence, you’re also going to learn about some of the beliefs that can hold you in an ‘unconfident pattern’, and by recognising these beliefs, you can then go on to challenge and replace them with more helpful confident beliefs.

Girl biting her nails and looking nervous, who wants to become a more confident hypnotist.


Section 2: Assessing your confidence

After learning about the reasons that some hypnotists and hypnotherapists have low (or no) confidence, we then move on to shining the spotlight in your direction, and giving you a whole bunch of different tools and strategies to assess your own level of confidence! As well as learning how you can assess your confidence with a number of specific activities, you’re also going to get 5 confidence questionnaires that will help you to evaluate your confidence in the 5 key areas where you will be working. There’s a confidence questionnaire for each of the following hypnosis elements:


1 – Approaching volunteers/selling services to clients

The hypnosis process has to start somewhere, and for stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists, that starting point is getting your clients/shows booked in. To do this, you need to be confidently communicating with your prospective clients, be that in person (in public or at events), or online. For street hypnotists, the hypnosis process starts with approaching people in order to get volunteers. Whatever you’re doing, the approach/selling element of your hypnosis process must be delivered in a confident way, otherwise you’re likely to end up with no clients or volunteers.


2 – The pre-talk/intake and pre-hypnosis information stage

Giving your clients/volunteers information is another aspect of your hypnosis process where confidence is a key to success. It’s at this point in the hypnosis process where you’re informing people, you’re answering questions, dispelling myths, taking information and building rapport. Doing all of this with confidence in your abilities and knowledge will set your participants up for a positive hypnosis experience.


3 – Delivering suggestibility tests and warm-up exercises

Suggestibility testing is another area that will help to build a participant’s confidence in you, the hypnotist. Delivering these warm-up exercises in a confident manner is integral, as it demonstrates that you know what you’re doing, and that you are sure of yourself.


4 – The hypnosis part

This is the ‘main part’ of your overall hypnosis or hypnotherapy process. It’s the part where you hypnotise your subjects and either do therapy work, or give them entertaining hypnotic suggestions. Confidence here is essential throughout the entire hypnosis process.

Hypnotist man confidently using a hypnotic pocket watch to hypnotise someone.


5 – Following up afterwards
After you awaken your subjects and the main hypnosis process is over, you then come onto the ‘follow-up’ stage. Some hypnotists and hypnotherapists are sadly so unconfident in their abilities, that they will actively avoid seeking feedback from past clients/volunteers (for various reasons, the main one being ‘what if it didn’t work?’). Getting feedback and having a good follow-up process is integral to growing as a hypnotist, both in terms of growing your skills and confidence, as well as growing your business. It also demonstrates to your clients/volunteers that you are confident enough in what you’re doing to seek their feedback.


Section 3: Confidence solutions

Having assessed your current level of confidence in all 5 stages mentioned above, you’re then going to learn 6 powerful confidence building solutions that can also be applied to each of the 5 stages, as required.


1 – Preparation

Remember the old saying ‘fail to prepare and you’re preparing to fail’? Well, that’s equally true of the hypnosis process. A prepared hypnotist is a more confident hypnotist, because if you know what you’re going to do with your hypnosis participants (as well as what you’re not going to do), then you can stick to the plan, and you don’t have to ‘think on your feet’ as much as if you were just ‘winging it’. In this section of the become a confident hypnotist course, you’re going to learn a number of different strategies that will help you prepare for each of the 5 stages of the hypnosis process.


2 – Skill development

It’s hard to be confident doing something if you don’t know how to do it. This section of the course is all about what you know and what you need to know in order to become a confident hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Again, each of the 5 stages of the hypnosis process are covered, and you’ll learn what you need to do in order to ensure that your hypnosis (and supporting) skills are at the right level to support confident hypnosis practice!


3 – Mental rehearsal

If ‘practice makes perfect’ (which it does), then mental rehearsal is the next best thing to getting out there and actually practising in person. In this section, you’re going to learn how to use mental rehearsal to get to grips with your 5-stage hypnosis process in a way that prepares you for a positive experience. You will also learn about the 7 common challenges that apply to both hypnotherapy and entertainment hypnosis, and how to deal with them if they were to happen.


4 – Getting practice

Now it might sound simple, however there are many ways to tweak your practice process to ensure that you’re getting the very most from it. In this section you’ll learn how to get practice in various different ways, even if you have no one to practice with, or aren’t confident enough to go and find volunteers yet. As well as that, you’ll learn how to do ‘reflective practice’ and why that’s such an important confidence-building tool!


5 – Pushing your comfort zone

Expanding your comfort zone is one of the easiest ways to quickly develop confidence and reduce fear and worry. In this section of the Become a Confident Hypnotist course, you will learn how to effectively expand your comfort zone. For some hypnotists, just doing the ‘standard hypnosis process’ is enough to push the limits of what’s comfortable. For those who are more experienced, we have also included a number of advanced comfort zone expansion strategies that apply to all 5 stages of the hypnosis process.


6 – Developing confident qualities

The final confidence solution you are going to learn is how to develop some of the qualities required in order to be a truly confident hypnotist or hypnotherapist. You will learn how to develop flexibility with your mindset and your skillset, as well as working towards becoming an enthusiastic and engaging hypnotist. This section will also help you take everything that you’ve learned in the previous sections and bring that together to develop your own confident hypnotist persona.

Hypnotherapist looking confident sat on a red chair with a brick wall in the background.


Your development

When you buy this Become a Confident Hypnotist training course, you will receive a detailed training video together with a 35 page PDF course manual, which offers comprehensive notes about all of the confidence-building information and techniques featured in the video. This means that you can watch each section of the video as often as you need, supported by the informative manual to grasp a full, working appreciation of the broader and finer points of each confidence boosting technique. By applying all of the techniques included in this course, you will quickly develop a greater level of confidence, whether you’re a hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist, street hypnotist or a hypno-hobbyist! As with any other habit, the more you practice using these confidence techniques when practising your hypnosis process, the more confident you will become, and the better your clients and volunteers will respond.

Jon Watson - Hypnotherapist (UK)
I found the online training to be 1st class. The trainers were easy to like and understand. It was great to see in practice how things are done and it gave me all the information needed to get started.
Justine Staines - Hypnotherapist
WOW!! I bought one of your courses the other day and I watched the whole 4 hour video in one sitting and just wanted to say how amazing you are. I was left feeling I CAN DO THIS, for REAL as opposed to trying to convince myself. THANK YOU
Dylan Lovegrove - Stage Hypnotist
If you are looking for online hypnosis training, look no further. Rory and Kate are both fantastic trainers, and the depth of practical knowledge you get is just amazing. You can really feel their passion shining through in every course!
Colleen Rawlings - Hypnotherapist
Great website… without hesitation the best I’ve seen! You’ve built an amazing set of resources for people all over the world to access on-line. In my view, you are two of the best trainers in the UK!
Chelsea Morgan - Hypnotherapist
Kate and Rory make a really good pair as teachers and mentors. They compliment each other very well. You can feel and see their expertise in the field AND they know how to transmit knowledge. Highly recommended.
Fiona - Hypnotherapist
I cannot recommend this training company highly enough! The courses are incredible value for money and the trainers are simply amazing and top of their field. Their enthusiasm and passion for hypnosis is contagious!
Ché Ballard - Hypnotherapist
Great courses. The tutors really know their stuff!
Dr David Keatley - Psychologist
Two of the very best hypnosis trainers in the business. I'm so glad they're now offering online training! Sign up now, you'll be glad that you did!
Sarah Klinker - Hypnotherapist
The absolute best you can get!
Bradley Grandad Clark - Hypnotist
I am having a fantastic time with my course, it came in video and written content, so I get the chance to read a chapter, and see it explained in more details from the video. I will most definitely be purchasing more of these programs in the future. Bradders.
Jay Sykes - Hypnotist
Really enjoyed the online course, Rory and Kate are so professional, I learnt so much and have since been able to hypnotise my friends and family. Would definitely recommend!
WM - Hypnotherapist
Good for all levels. I am already a practicing hypnotherapist but still found this really useful. The course is professional and taught with great ethics, highly recommend.
Mr David Banfield - Hypnotist
The explanations were very clear and the practical demonstrations very enjoyable.
Karen E Jones
Extremely clear, accurate training. Vibrant presentation and easy to understand teaching. Authentic personalities that clearly know their stuff.
Mark Thomson - Therapist
Kate and Rory are a fantastic double act. They are both very knowledgeable about hypnosis and therapy work, and their classes are great fun, as well as being packed with lots of useful information and presented in bite sized easy to digest chunks.
Nicola Stacey Morley
A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course.

*Reviews taken from our trustpilot page


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate

Upon purchase of this course you will be given the option to download a CPD certificate*. This certificate will reflect the number of hours of video training provided in this course. You will be able to download your CPD certificate from the course page via your member dashboard.

Though there is no mandatory requirement for you to evidence your understanding of the course material in order to receive your CPD certificate, we strongly encourage you to practice all of the techniques that you learn during this online training course, in order to get the full benefits from it.

*All short courses have CPD certificates. The Advanced Hypnotherapy course (coming soon) offers an Advanced Diploma which is available on successful completion of that course.


Easy to navigate sections

All of our videos have been broken down into sections, so that it’s super easy for you to find what you’re looking for. With our short courses that contain just one video, it will come with a running order guide, to let you know exactly where each section begins. Our larger training courses are broken down into separate videos, so that you can ‘dip in and out’ as you please, and more easily navigate through all of the video contents.


Ongoing support!

All of our online hypnosis courses are easy to access/download, however, if you have any issues, we’re always here to help, as we want you to have a great customer experience. Also, as well as great technical support, our tutors are also available to support your learning process. So, whether you connect with us directly by email, join the ‘Hypnotic Learners’ group (our own hypnosis community on Facebook) to ask questions to other students, or even enquire about a 1-to-1 mentoring/supervision session, you have support available to you every step of the way!


Lifetime access, 24/7!

When you buy this online hypnosis training course, you automatically get access to it forever, and there are no ongoing subscriptions or additional fees. This means, once you’ve bought it, it’s yours for good! And as well as getting access to our online member dashboard where you can watch all of your purchased courses on any device (smartphone, tablet or computer), you also get the option to download the videos to your own devices (as many times as you like) so that you can watch them offline whenever you want!

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