HypnoDemo – Giving effective hypnosis demonstrations

HypnoDemo – Giving effective hypnosis demonstrations


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Become a confident hypnotic presenter

It is rare that a hypnotist, hypnotherapist or even talking therapist will have been taught how to give great presentations and demonstrations during their initial training. Yet, hypnotists and therapists may wish to develop their business and get more clients by raising their profile. Giving superb presentations and demonstrations can help you become more visible, whether in your local community or more widely. Whether you have been giving presentations for years, or are new to giving talks, this HYPNODEMO® training course will help you to develop your presenter knowledge, skills and abilities. It helps you bring together your personal and professional qualities and your experience, both at the preparation and rehearsal stages and during your presentations using outstanding communication skills. In addition to delivering presentations that will engage and absorb your audience, you will learn how to provide your volunteers and audience with interesting and informative demonstrations that will have a lasting impact in any environment.

When you buy this HYPNODEMO® training course you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to give effective hypnosis presentations and demonstrations and increase your profile as an expert professional hypnotist/hypnotherapist. This comprehensive course will help you to enhance and add impact to your hypnosis presentations and demonstrations, develop competence as a presenter, whilst increasing your professional confidence and enjoying the entire presentation process (really, it is possible!).

If you are new to giving hypnosis demonstrations and presentations, you can use the information you’ll learn on this course to develop a solid foundation for your future. If you are already an experienced hypnotic presenter/demonstrator, then it can be used to help consolidate your skills and knowledge and enhance your abilities. As you explore this course, you will work through a range of information, techniques and approaches strategically designed to develop your presentation and demonstration knowledge, skills and confidence. As well as getting a lot of useful information, there are also plenty of opportunities for you to get engaged in both practical and reflective activities, which will help further enhance your practical presenter skills.

HYPNODEMO Giving effective hypnosis demonstrations and hypnosis presentations


What’s included on the HYPNODEMO® course?

The course starts by considering what makes a good presentation and what opportunities you may have (or could create) in order to be able to start delivering your own hypnosis presentations and demonstrations, before then working through the full HYPNODEMO® system. For added value, a range of relevant supplements will further add to your presenter knowledge bank and tool kit. This course has been designed with hypnotists and hypnotherapists in mind. However, whether a novice presenter or already an experienced speaker and whatever your chosen topic or field, you can use this training course to discover how you can become an amazing, engaging hypnotic presenter!


Habits and qualities of a great presenter

To acquire great presentation skills and enhance your presenter habits and qualities, it is useful to know where you are starting from. It can be good to explore this from both professional and personal perspectives, as well as considering any specific perceptions you might have about performing, before developing your positive presenter mindset. In this section, topics covered include:

The professional and personality audit
Presenting with congruence
Addressing performance anxiety
Creating the ‘presenter state’


Your experience

You, being the best you that you can be, will be what makes your presentation interesting and engaging. No-one else in the world can give exactly the same presentation as you will, because you will be using all of the personal, professional and topic-specific knowledge, skills, qualities, habits, beliefs and attitudes – as well as many other factors – that make up who you are. During this section of the HYPNODEMO® course, you will learn how to bring all of your experience into your hypnosis demonstrations and presentations. Key topics covered are:

How to use what makes you unique
Developing teaching tales
How to tell a good story
Making your metaphors memorable

HYPNODEMO Giving effective hypnosis demonstrations and hypnosis presentations


Preparing your presentation

There are a broad range of factors to consider when you’re preparing a great hypnosis presentation, including aspects relating to the audience that the presentation is aimed at, specifics relating to the circumstances of your presentation, the framework for your talk and the environment in which you will be presenting. There are many different approaches for planning to optimise the impact of your presentation and demonstration and these are discussed at length in this course, together with details on working with both static groups and in situations where there will be passers-by, such as healthcare events and local fairs. In this section, topics covered include:

Considering your audience
Audience participant types
Setting the context of your presentation
Defining the purpose of your presentation
Effectively using presentation media
Important factors about your chosen venue
Maximising the impact of your presentation
Planning your demonstration/presentation
Planning demonstrations for static groups
Managing group activities
Catching foot traffic at exhibitions and fairs
Demonstrating with a moving audience


Never don’t rehearse

Regardless of how well you think you know your presentation, you may be surprised at how much of it can change during a complete dress rehearsal. For any type of presentation or demonstration, its impact and effectiveness will be influenced by the quality and attention to detail given during a complete dress rehearsal. Beyond simply having a run through of your presentation in the clothes that you will be wearing, a great presenter’s dress rehearsal will also include:

Using props and equipment
How to create an audience
The use of recordings and video

HYPNODEMO Giving effective hypnosis demonstrations and hypnosis presentations


Outstanding communication skills

Even if you have incredible natural presentation skills and a phenomenal memory, it is vital to thoroughly prepare your presentation and build in variation and interest. It is also important to be congruent to your own natural communication style, staying within your own personality range and avoid any attempts to be someone you are not. Some key elements of effective presenter communication that you’ll explore in this section of the HYPNODEMO® training course are:

How to persuade and influence your audience
Effectively providing information
Using emotion to improve engagement
Educating your audience
How to be genuinely entertaining


Demo time

A good hypnosis demonstration is highly interesting for an audience to watch (as opposed to someone just standing there and talking about hypnosis). It is also better if you are to able to demonstrate key concepts and approaches, as it makes them much more memorable than if you were to just ‘lecture’ about them. In addition, a good hypnosis demonstration displays a competence and confidence in your abilities, which can help reassure your potential hypnotherapy clients, and shows that you have the skills and abilities to give a great demonstration, which is a useful way of getting more presenting opportunities! When planning your demonstrations, useful points to consider are:

Reasons to demonstrate hypnosis
Using your available space
Considering your volunteers
Social media influences
Types of hypnosis demonstration
Audience engagement
Preparation activities
Pre-induction preparation
Hypnotic induction demonstrations
Choosing the right deepeners
Trance compliance and depth testing
Demonstrating hypnotic phenomena
Demonstrations with foot traffic
An example format for foot traffic demonstrations
Demonstrations to static groups
An example format for static group demonstrations
Why you should avoid giving therapy demonstrations

HYPNODEMO Giving effective hypnosis demonstrations and hypnosis presentations 


Experience of audience

Quite early in your presentation it is good to get the audience to do something active, even if just introducing themselves to the people each side of them. This warms up the audience for future activities and builds compliance. Further into your presentation you may give a hypnosis experience for the entire group and/or a demonstration with a single volunteer. Working with whole audiences, small groups and single volunteers takes a knowledge base and skill set that this section will help you to develop. You will learn about:

When to have a colleague present
Delivering pre-talks and warm-up activities
Contra-indications and who shouldn’t participate
An example format for a group hypnosis induction


Making it memorable

Obviously, you will want to make a really good impression on your audience from the first moment of your presentation through to the very last. This section of the HYPNODEMO® training course explores a number of approaches and strategies that you can employ to help your audience remember you and your message – such as:

First impressions last!
Learning to portray confidence
Effective use of the stage
How to interact with the audience
How to effectively use your voice
Controlling your body language
Reading the audience’s body language
Using questions to engage with the audience
Responding to audience questions


Optimising, up-selling and self-promotion

You are likely to be putting in the work involved in giving a presentation and demonstration for a purpose, whether that is to increase your client base, raise your professional profile, or any number of other reasons. It makes good business sense to optimise the benefits from all of that work. You can remain in the audience’s thoughts for longer by giving the participants something to remember you by:

The use and strategic timing of handouts
How to add value to your presentation
Disseminating your contact details
The use of information packs
The use of press packs
The use of speaker packs
Optimising back of room sales
Giving time-limited offers
Using your appointment book
Getting feedback and evaluation
Reflecting on your performance

HYPNODEMO Giving effective hypnosis demonstrations and hypnosis presentations


Bonus content

A group is a collection of people, who may be aware of each other, such as colleagues or friends, or those who have joined the group individually for a specific purpose, such as weight reduction. Your audience may know each other well, a little, or be complete strangers. For those who work or social together, certain roles, actions and functions may emerge, which is why you’ll also learn about:

Group roles
Group size dynamics


If you are new to using hypnosis suggestibility tests, inductions, deepeners and technique in demonstrations, you may find the bonus material at the end of the training manual to be particularly helpful: 

Suggestibility tests and warm-ups for entire audiences
Suggestibility tests and warm-ups groups and individuals
Direct and indirect induction approaches
Inductions: Rapid, shock, confusion, pattern-interrupt
Deepening approaches
Testing for hypnosis


Finally, it is a great asset for anyone engaged in public speaking to be able to stand up and speak, wherever they are and whatever the topic. One aspect of this is giving a brief welcoming speech and a summarising thank you speech:

Giving great welcome speeches
Giving great thank-you speeches


Your development

When you buy this HYPNODEMO® training course, you will receive a detailed training video (over 4 hours) together with a 67 page PDF course manual, offering comprehensive notes to complement, support and add to the material presented in the video. This means that you can watch each section of the video as often as you need, supported by the informative manual to grasp a full working appreciation of the broader and finer points of all aspects of the HYPNODEMO® training course. As with any other skill, the more you practice, the more adept you will become at using these approaches and techniques when preparing and delivering your own great hypnosis presentations and demonstrations. So, if you’re ready to become an excellent hypnotic presenter, to enhance your professional profile and to get more clients, then grab your copy of HYPNODEMO® now!

Jon Watson - Hypnotherapist (UK)
I found the online training to be 1st class. The trainers were easy to like and understand. It was great to see in practice how things are done and it gave me all the information needed to get started.
Justine Staines - Hypnotherapist
WOW!! I bought one of your courses the other day and I watched the whole 4 hour video in one sitting and just wanted to say how amazing you are. I was left feeling I CAN DO THIS, for REAL as opposed to trying to convince myself. THANK YOU
Dylan Lovegrove - Stage Hypnotist
If you are looking for online hypnosis training, look no further. Rory and Kate are both fantastic trainers, and the depth of practical knowledge you get is just amazing. You can really feel their passion shining through in every course!
Colleen Rawlings - Hypnotherapist
Great website… without hesitation the best I’ve seen! You’ve built an amazing set of resources for people all over the world to access on-line. In my view, you are two of the best trainers in the UK!
Chelsea Morgan - Hypnotherapist
Kate and Rory make a really good pair as teachers and mentors. They compliment each other very well. You can feel and see their expertise in the field AND they know how to transmit knowledge. Highly recommended.
Fiona - Hypnotherapist
I cannot recommend this training company highly enough! The courses are incredible value for money and the trainers are simply amazing and top of their field. Their enthusiasm and passion for hypnosis is contagious!
Ché Ballard - Hypnotherapist
Great courses. The tutors really know their stuff!
Dr David Keatley - Psychologist
Two of the very best hypnosis trainers in the business. I'm so glad they're now offering online training! Sign up now, you'll be glad that you did!
Sarah Klinker - Hypnotherapist
The absolute best you can get!
Bradley Grandad Clark - Hypnotist
I am having a fantastic time with my course, it came in video and written content, so I get the chance to read a chapter, and see it explained in more details from the video. I will most definitely be purchasing more of these programs in the future. Bradders.
Jay Sykes - Hypnotist
Really enjoyed the online course, Rory and Kate are so professional, I learnt so much and have since been able to hypnotise my friends and family. Would definitely recommend!
WM - Hypnotherapist
Good for all levels. I am already a practicing hypnotherapist but still found this really useful. The course is professional and taught with great ethics, highly recommend.
Mr David Banfield - Hypnotist
The explanations were very clear and the practical demonstrations very enjoyable.
Karen E Jones
Extremely clear, accurate training. Vibrant presentation and easy to understand teaching. Authentic personalities that clearly know their stuff.
Mark Thomson - Therapist
Kate and Rory are a fantastic double act. They are both very knowledgeable about hypnosis and therapy work, and their classes are great fun, as well as being packed with lots of useful information and presented in bite sized easy to digest chunks.
Nicola Stacey Morley
A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course.

*Reviews taken from our trustpilot page


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate

Upon purchase of this course you will be given the option to download a CPD certificate*. This certificate will reflect the number of hours of video training provided in this course. You will be able to download your CPD certificate from the course page via your member dashboard.

Though there is no mandatory requirement for you to evidence your understanding of the course material in order to receive your CPD certificate, we strongly encourage you to practice all of the techniques that you learn during this online training course, in order to get the full benefits from it.

*All short courses have CPD certificates. The Advanced Hypnotherapy course (coming soon) offers an Advanced Diploma which is available on successful completion of that course.


Easy to navigate sections

All of our videos have been broken down into sections, so that it’s super easy for you to find what you’re looking for. With our short courses that contain just one video, it will come with a running order guide, to let you know exactly where each section begins. Our larger training courses are broken down into separate videos, so that you can ‘dip in and out’ as you please, and more easily navigate through all of the video contents.


Ongoing support!

All of our online hypnosis courses are easy to access/download, however, if you have any issues, we’re always here to help, as we want you to have a great customer experience. Also, as well as great technical support, our tutors are also available to support your learning process. So, whether you connect with us directly by email, join the ‘Hypnotic Learners’ group (our own hypnosis community on Facebook) to ask questions to other students, or even enquire about a 1-to-1 mentoring/supervision session, you have support available to you every step of the way!


Lifetime access, 24/7!

When you buy this online hypnosis training course, you automatically get access to it forever, and there are no ongoing subscriptions or additional fees. This means, once you’ve bought it, it’s yours for good! And as well as getting access to our online member dashboard where you can watch all of your purchased courses on any device (smartphone, tablet or computer), you also get the option to download the videos to your own devices (as many times as you like) so that you can watch them offline whenever you want!

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