Hypnotherapy metaphors 101

Hypnotherapy metaphors 101


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Learn to develop your own hypnotic metaphors

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a metaphor offers the hypnotherapist a way of painting that picture for the client. By using metaphors, a hypnotherapist can convey information in a more vivid way than merely using a ‘therapy technique’, or just giving the client a bunch of direct hypnotic suggestions relating to their therapy goal. Not all clients like being told what to do, nor will they all respond well to direct suggestions and techniques. These are some of the many reasons that hypnotherapy metaphors will help to revolutionise your therapy practice!

The advantage of using hypnotherapy metaphors is that they offer the hypnotherapist an indirect form of influence and persuasion which helps direct a client towards meaningful change, whilst reducing any likelihood of resistance or critical analysis. Hypnotic metaphors provide the hypnotherapist with a creative tool for problem solving; one that is familiar in our everyday lives. People use stories and metaphors to make sense of their world. They can convey emotions and feelings whilst generating empathy and a sense of connection to those in the story. Clients will remember the drama and contents of the story and, as a result, absorb the deeper message or ‘moral of the story’, and this is where the change will begin to happen.

The hypnotherapy metaphors 101 course is presented by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks, and is the ideal introduction for anyone wishing to learn how to develop their skills in the creation and use of metaphors within a therapy setting. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced hypnotherapy practitioner, you will be able to use the hypnotic metaphors, tales and approaches within this training course to help you and your clients get the most from the hypnotherapy session. In this course you will learn…


What are hypnotic metaphors?

This hypnotherapy metaphor training course begins with considering what metaphors are (and what they are not), and the differences between metaphors and similes. In this section you will discover how the telling of stories is a fundamental component within every culture. Stories, parables, tales and metaphors can be employed to make factual information more palatable and more memorable. Here, you will also learn why hypnotic metaphors are a highly effective and creative way of problem solving, and that there are differences between brief, teaching, conversational and hypnotherapy metaphors…


Brief therapy metaphors (and client metaphors)

Brief metaphors are often simply a phrase or a saying that is applied to an object or action, but is not literally true. For example, “I am feeling blue” is used to describe feeling sad, rather than literally being blue in colour. Brief metaphors can even be symbolic, representing the essence or quality of the object or action. An example being a light bulb, which can represent insight and new ideas. It is useful to be able to notice when a client uses a metaphor to describe some aspect of their experience or some aspect of themselves (whether physically, emotionally or psychologically), because this can offer additional information for the therapist to work with in the hypnotherapy session. For example, by noticing that a client refers to their pain as, “a red-hot poker”, you could then work on this brief metaphor during the therapy session, whether changing their representation (to something that’s not a red hot poker) or re-framing and altering their experience to disconnect them from this unhelpful metaphor.


Hypnotherapy metaphors for teaching clients

Teaching metaphors have been used for thousands of years to convey history and wisdom across generations. There is also some cross-over with conversational and hypnotherapy metaphors, as all of these may include in their story; heroes, villains, adversaries, leading characters and a supporting cast. Often, during childhood, people will have experienced ‘bedtime stories’ and cartoons, that have had a purpose or ‘moral’ in the tale. As we grow, this exposure to metaphors continues to influence us with movies, books and even song lyrics, helping us to see things from different perspectives and even inspiring us to try out new behaviours.

In this section you’re going to learn about four really useful hypnotic teaching metaphors:

The pebble jar metaphor
The coach metaphor
The train metaphor
The bus stop metaphor

Each of these hypnotherapy metaphors can be expanded, contracted or adapted to suit each individual hypnotherapy client that you see, factoring in various aspects of their problem, goal, personality and interests. As well as a useful means of re-framing a client’s experience, they also provide the hypnotherapist with a great vehicle to indirectly suggest new ways of thinking and responding in various situations.


Conversational hypnotic metaphors

Conversational hypnotic metaphors offer the hypnotherapist a subtle tool for influencing a client, whether that is to do or not do something or to create a sense of doubt about a rigidly held belief. Where a hypnotherapy client may resist direction and perceive this as being told what to do, an indirect hypnotic metaphor can be highly effective in communicating a message in a way that is received more comfortably. For example, you could deliver a conversational metaphor during the intake part of your hypnotherapy session about gardening, and this might be designed to have an influence on a client’s perception of their anxiety. Within your conversational metaphor, you will be able to use hypnotic language outside of a formal state of hypnosis, such as whilst the client has their eyes open and are actively engaging in discussions. In this section you will discover the key information required to construct general conversational therapy metaphors, as well as more focused and structured hypnotherapy metaphors.

You’ll learn the five-stage process that can be used to create both conversational and hypnotherapy metaphors. Each stage of this metaphor generation process is explained in detail, with running examples of metaphors to illustrate exactly how this process works. By creating metaphors specific to your client, and ensuring that your hypnotherapy metaphors are both comprehensive and focused, they will then better relate to your client’s issues, experiences and core values. This means that your bespoke metaphors are much more likely to resonate with your client on a deeper level than any generic ‘hypnosis script’ might.

Finally, in this section, we consider what you can do to enhance your delivery of  hypnotic metaphors, to ensure that your metaphor and therapeutic message are more easily received by the client.


Hypnotherapy metaphors

In hypnosis, a client is better able to engage their imagination and, as a result, connect even more to a hypnotherapy metaphor. We can apply a range of therapeutic techniques within hypnosis to create metaphors to deeply engage the imagination and bypass critical interpretation. This allows the subconscious mind to beneficially and effectively absorb the useful information presented in the metaphor, leading to changes, whether simple or profound.

In this section you will learn that using metaphors within hypnotherapy can lead to successful and powerful transformations of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Metaphors are a superb way to explain and illustrate your points on many different levels, allowing the client to draw the information from the metaphor in the most appropriate way for them. They can also provide a covert means for rehearsing a range of approaches and options, whether to cease or generate patterns of behaviours, thinking strategies or feelings and emotional responses. Hypnotherapy metaphors can enrich the therapy process and, as a result, build greater client-therapist rapport. In hypnosis the client can better engage in the rich detail of the metaphorical fantasy, identifying aspects of their own situation with parallels in the story. This can then help them better identify with the solutions and resources that you will then present within the same metaphor.

During this section, a range of applications (together with illustrative examples) will be explored, including covert influence, focused thought, choice, insight generation, action rehearsal and overcoming challenges.


Your development

When you buy this hypnotherapy metaphors 101 training course, you will receive a detailed training video together with a 35 page PDF course manual offering comprehensive notes about all of the hypnotherapy metaphor techniques and approaches featured in the video. This means that you can watch each section of the video as often as you need, supported by the informative manual to grasp a full working appreciation of the broader and finer points of each metaphor technique. To further enhance your proficiency, we recommend that you engage in creating your own metaphors throughout the training course, as well as applying each metaphor technique that you learn to yourself (either in or out of hypnosis). By doing this, you will quickly develop familiarity with these metaphorical techniques, and enhance your own metaphor creation abilities. As with any other skill, the more you practice, the more adept you will become at helping clients by telling stories, tales and metaphors.

Metaphors are an integral tool of the successful hypnotherapist, and can be used with almost any client on any problem/goal. So, add hypnotic metaphors to your own hypnotherapy toolkit now. You’ll be glad you did…

Jon Watson - Hypnotherapist (UK)
I found the online training to be 1st class. The trainers were easy to like and understand. It was great to see in practice how things are done and it gave me all the information needed to get started.
Justine Staines - Hypnotherapist
WOW!! I bought one of your courses the other day and I watched the whole 4 hour video in one sitting and just wanted to say how amazing you are. I was left feeling I CAN DO THIS, for REAL as opposed to trying to convince myself. THANK YOU
Dylan Lovegrove - Stage Hypnotist
If you are looking for online hypnosis training, look no further. Rory and Kate are both fantastic trainers, and the depth of practical knowledge you get is just amazing. You can really feel their passion shining through in every course!
Colleen Rawlings - Hypnotherapist
Great website… without hesitation the best I’ve seen! You’ve built an amazing set of resources for people all over the world to access on-line. In my view, you are two of the best trainers in the UK!
Chelsea Morgan - Hypnotherapist
Kate and Rory make a really good pair as teachers and mentors. They compliment each other very well. You can feel and see their expertise in the field AND they know how to transmit knowledge. Highly recommended.
Fiona - Hypnotherapist
I cannot recommend this training company highly enough! The courses are incredible value for money and the trainers are simply amazing and top of their field. Their enthusiasm and passion for hypnosis is contagious!
Ché Ballard - Hypnotherapist
Great courses. The tutors really know their stuff!
Dr David Keatley - Psychologist
Two of the very best hypnosis trainers in the business. I'm so glad they're now offering online training! Sign up now, you'll be glad that you did!
Sarah Klinker - Hypnotherapist
The absolute best you can get!
Bradley Grandad Clark - Hypnotist
I am having a fantastic time with my course, it came in video and written content, so I get the chance to read a chapter, and see it explained in more details from the video. I will most definitely be purchasing more of these programs in the future. Bradders.
Jay Sykes - Hypnotist
Really enjoyed the online course, Rory and Kate are so professional, I learnt so much and have since been able to hypnotise my friends and family. Would definitely recommend!
WM - Hypnotherapist
Good for all levels. I am already a practicing hypnotherapist but still found this really useful. The course is professional and taught with great ethics, highly recommend.
Mr David Banfield - Hypnotist
The explanations were very clear and the practical demonstrations very enjoyable.
Karen E Jones
Extremely clear, accurate training. Vibrant presentation and easy to understand teaching. Authentic personalities that clearly know their stuff.
Mark Thomson - Therapist
Kate and Rory are a fantastic double act. They are both very knowledgeable about hypnosis and therapy work, and their classes are great fun, as well as being packed with lots of useful information and presented in bite sized easy to digest chunks.
Nicola Stacey Morley
A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course.

*Reviews taken from our trustpilot page


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate

Upon purchase of this course you will be given the option to download a CPD certificate*. This certificate will reflect the number of hours of video training provided in this course. You will be able to download your CPD certificate from the course page via your member dashboard.

Though there is no mandatory requirement for you to evidence your understanding of the course material in order to receive your CPD certificate, we strongly encourage you to practice all of the techniques that you learn during this online training course, in order to get the full benefits from it.

*All short courses have CPD certificates. The Advanced Hypnotherapy course (coming soon) offers an Advanced Diploma which is available on successful completion of that course.


Easy to navigate sections

All of our videos have been broken down into sections, so that it’s super easy for you to find what you’re looking for. With our short courses that contain just one video, it will come with a running order guide, to let you know exactly where each section begins. Our larger training courses are broken down into separate videos, so that you can ‘dip in and out’ as you please, and more easily navigate through all of the video contents.


Ongoing support!

All of our online hypnosis courses are easy to access/download, however, if you have any issues, we’re always here to help, as we want you to have a great customer experience. Also, as well as great technical support, our tutors are also available to support your learning process. So, whether you connect with us directly by email, join the ‘Hypnotic Learners’ group (our own hypnosis community on Facebook) to ask questions to other students, or even enquire about a 1-to-1 mentoring/supervision session, you have support available to you every step of the way!


Lifetime access, 24/7!

When you buy this online hypnosis training course, you automatically get access to it forever, and there are no ongoing subscriptions or additional fees. This means, once you’ve bought it, it’s yours for good! And as well as getting access to our online member dashboard where you can watch all of your purchased courses on any device (smartphone, tablet or computer), you also get the option to download the videos to your own devices (as many times as you like) so that you can watch them offline whenever you want!

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