Working with beliefs

Working with beliefs


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Manual size: 52 pages


Hypnotherapy for belief change

This course will help you learn to effectively identify and change client beliefs and your own! Presented by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks, this working with beliefs training course is great for anyone who has a desire to be able to identify unhelpful beliefs in clients and change those unhelpful beliefs to more helpful ones. It is also a superb course for anyone who has an interest in self-help or personal development and using practical belief change techniques to achieve beneficial personal change and self-development.

You may choose to participate in this beliefs training course for many different reasons. Working with beliefs is a common component of any hypnotherapy session. It could be that you are new to hypnotherapy and looking for additional tools to optimise your client consultation process, or maybe you’re an experienced therapist wishing to add some excellent approaches and techniques to your therapy toolbox. Perhaps you’d like to achieve greater results with your hypnotherapy clients by working with limiting beliefs, negative beliefs, rigid beliefs or distorted beliefs. You may even have a particular client or client group already in mind…

It could also be that you are looking at this working with beliefs training course from a self-development perspective. This course can help you develop more positive beliefs, flexible beliefs and empowering beliefs for yourself, in order that you can become the best version of yourself. Or, maybe you wish to use the wide range of belief-change techniques and approaches in this training course both from a personal development perspective and a professional development viewpoint.

You can use the belief-change techniques and belief-identification approaches presented in this training course for a wide range of applications, including identifying, working with, challenging and disputing unhelpful, irrational, unhealthy beliefs, as well as developing helpful, rational, healthy beliefs and integrating those new beliefs into everyday life.


Section 1: What are beliefs?

Having a clear understanding of what a belief is gives a clear starting point to understanding the impact and influence of beliefs on our lives. In this section we consider how beliefs relate to our thoughts, situations and responses. This leads on to how our beliefs can lead to disturbance. Within this section, you will also discover how to find client beliefs with a range of techniques to achieve this, including:

Listening for client beliefs
Listening to client beliefs
Using alert state guided visualisations
Using hypnosis insight techniques


Section 2: Identifying unhelpful beliefs

When you have located the client beliefs (or your own) that you would like to work with, it is helpful to be able to identify what type of unhelpful belief it is and the impact and influence of that belief on day-to-day life. This section explores:

Demanding beliefs
Negative beliefs
Rigid beliefs
Distorted beliefs
Limiting beliefs


Section 3: Creating helpful beliefs

Simply identifying unhelpful beliefs is a good start to the process, as it provides insight into the effect of that belief on the client’s (or your) thoughts, behaviours and even physical or psychological symptoms. However, it is then beneficial to work on those beliefs where change is desired, whether that is because those beliefs are leading to unwelcome thoughts, unwanted behaviours or they simply limit the person in other ways. In this section, you will learn about how helpful beliefs can lead to survival, happiness, healthy feelings and behaviours, whilst exploring:

Preferential beliefs
Positive beliefs
Flexible beliefs
Empowering beliefs


Section 4: Beliefs in action

In this section you are presented with two case studies that illustrate the impact and influence that unhelpful and helpful beliefs can have for similar situations. A commentary is provided to give you a clear insight into the contributory factors in each situation.

Case study 1: Julia and Fiona
Case study 2: Kim and Ryan


Section 5: Working with beliefs

Finally, you will learn how to work with the unhelpful beliefs previously identified and use effective challenging and disputing approaches to achieve insight and positive development of helpful beliefs. In this section you will discover alert state and cognitive approaches for belief change work, together with hypnotherapy techniques to aid the formation of helpful beliefs. Topics and techniques include:

Response programming and response re-programming
Using hypnotherapy insight techniques
Developing emotional responsibility
Exploring thoughts, situations and responses
Preparing for change
Disputing beliefs
Challenging beliefs
The 3 questions technique
Stopping unwanted thoughts
Change integration: From knowing to doing
Future pacing change work
Mental rehearsal


Your development

This working with beliefs training course gives you a detailed training video together with a 52 page PDF course manual offering comprehensive notes about all of the information, techniques and approaches featured in the working with beliefs video. This means that you can watch each section of the video as often as you need, supported by the informative manual to grasp a full working appreciation of the broader and finer points of each belief-change technique. To further enhance your proficiency, you will also be able to engage in several reflective opportunities throughout the training course, to personally develop greater familiarity and understanding of how to start effectively working with beliefs, and to develop your own helpful beliefs, whether for self-development or professional development.

As with any other skill, the more you practice, the more adept you will become at identifying unhelpful beliefs and applying disputing techniques to help form new, helpful beliefs that can then be integrated into daily life. As you begin to apply the techniques and approaches that you’ll learn when you buy this working with beliefs training course, you will find that you can start to make belief changes happen easily and even effortlessly!

Jon Watson - Hypnotherapist (UK)
I found the online training to be 1st class. The trainers were easy to like and understand. It was great to see in practice how things are done and it gave me all the information needed to get started.
Justine Staines - Hypnotherapist
WOW!! I bought one of your courses the other day and I watched the whole 4 hour video in one sitting and just wanted to say how amazing you are. I was left feeling I CAN DO THIS, for REAL as opposed to trying to convince myself. THANK YOU
Dylan Lovegrove - Stage Hypnotist
If you are looking for online hypnosis training, look no further. Rory and Kate are both fantastic trainers, and the depth of practical knowledge you get is just amazing. You can really feel their passion shining through in every course!
Colleen Rawlings - Hypnotherapist
Great website… without hesitation the best I’ve seen! You’ve built an amazing set of resources for people all over the world to access on-line. In my view, you are two of the best trainers in the UK!
Chelsea Morgan - Hypnotherapist
Kate and Rory make a really good pair as teachers and mentors. They compliment each other very well. You can feel and see their expertise in the field AND they know how to transmit knowledge. Highly recommended.
Fiona - Hypnotherapist
I cannot recommend this training company highly enough! The courses are incredible value for money and the trainers are simply amazing and top of their field. Their enthusiasm and passion for hypnosis is contagious!
Ché Ballard - Hypnotherapist
Great courses. The tutors really know their stuff!
Dr David Keatley - Psychologist
Two of the very best hypnosis trainers in the business. I'm so glad they're now offering online training! Sign up now, you'll be glad that you did!
Sarah Klinker - Hypnotherapist
The absolute best you can get!
Bradley Grandad Clark - Hypnotist
I am having a fantastic time with my course, it came in video and written content, so I get the chance to read a chapter, and see it explained in more details from the video. I will most definitely be purchasing more of these programs in the future. Bradders.
Jay Sykes - Hypnotist
Really enjoyed the online course, Rory and Kate are so professional, I learnt so much and have since been able to hypnotise my friends and family. Would definitely recommend!
WM - Hypnotherapist
Good for all levels. I am already a practicing hypnotherapist but still found this really useful. The course is professional and taught with great ethics, highly recommend.
Mr David Banfield - Hypnotist
The explanations were very clear and the practical demonstrations very enjoyable.
Karen E Jones
Extremely clear, accurate training. Vibrant presentation and easy to understand teaching. Authentic personalities that clearly know their stuff.
Mark Thomson - Therapist
Kate and Rory are a fantastic double act. They are both very knowledgeable about hypnosis and therapy work, and their classes are great fun, as well as being packed with lots of useful information and presented in bite sized easy to digest chunks.
Nicola Stacey Morley
A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course.

*Reviews taken from our trustpilot page


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate

Upon purchase of this course you will be given the option to download a CPD certificate*. This certificate will reflect the number of hours of video training provided in this course. You will be able to download your CPD certificate from the course page via your member dashboard.

Though there is no mandatory requirement for you to evidence your understanding of the course material in order to receive your CPD certificate, we strongly encourage you to practice all of the techniques that you learn during this online training course, in order to get the full benefits from it.

*All short courses have CPD certificates. The Advanced Hypnotherapy course (coming soon) offers an Advanced Diploma which is available on successful completion of that course.


Easy to navigate sections

All of our videos have been broken down into sections, so that it’s super easy for you to find what you’re looking for. With our short courses that contain just one video, it will come with a running order guide, to let you know exactly where each section begins. Our larger training courses are broken down into separate videos, so that you can ‘dip in and out’ as you please, and more easily navigate through all of the video contents.


Ongoing support!

All of our online hypnosis courses are easy to access/download, however, if you have any issues, we’re always here to help, as we want you to have a great customer experience. Also, as well as great technical support, our tutors are also available to support your learning process. So, whether you connect with us directly by email, join the ‘Hypnotic Learners’ group (our own hypnosis community on Facebook) to ask questions to other students, or even enquire about a 1-to-1 mentoring/supervision session, you have support available to you every step of the way!


Lifetime access, 24/7!

When you buy this online hypnosis training course, you automatically get access to it forever, and there are no ongoing subscriptions or additional fees. This means, once you’ve bought it, it’s yours for good! And as well as getting access to our online member dashboard where you can watch all of your purchased courses on any device (smartphone, tablet or computer), you also get the option to download the videos to your own devices (as many times as you like) so that you can watch them offline whenever you want!

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