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Do you want to become a hypnotherapist?

If your answer to the above question is ‘yes’, then you’re probably already aware that choosing a hypnotherapy course can be a big decision. You’ll also know that there are a lot of different hypnotherapy training options out there, and with so many hypnotherapy schools to choose from, it can be difficult (and time consuming!) to figure out which course will fully prepare you for a career as a hypnotherapist.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Our FREE hypnotherapy discovery event will answer all your hypnotherapy training and certification questions, and you’ll even learn a lot of useful information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy along the way! This free hypnotherapy training event will be taking place on Zoom where you can connect with our expert hypnotherapy trainers, Dr Kate Beaven-Marks and Rory Z Fulcher, live and online.

Kate and Rory will guide you in the right direction, teaching you some of the basics of hypnotherapy, whilst helping you learn exactly what’s required for you to become a fully-qualified professional hypnotherapist. During this intensive 1.5 hour event, you’ll also learn how to pick the best hypnotherapy course, and how to avoid training that might fall short of your expectations!

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A picture of Dr Kate Beaven-Marks and Rory Z Fulcher, hypnotherapy trainers with 40+ years of experience

Unlike many ‘free events’, our hypnotherapy discovery event is not just a ’90 minute sales pitch’ (yuck!) – in fact, it’s entirely the opposite. Sure, we’ll let you know about our Live-Online Hypnotherapy Certificate Course, but our main aim is to give you a lot of valuable information about hypnotherapy. We want you to complete our free hypnotherapy event with a clear understanding of what a hypnotherapy course should include, knowing exactly what to look for when you decide you want to become a hypnotherapist.

Reading a hypnotherapy course page or watching a ‘course explainer video’ is a lot different to having a real conversation with an experienced hypnotherapy trainer. When you join this free event, you’ll get the opportunity to spend a full 90-minutes with both Rory and Kate, two of the top hypnotherapy trainers in the world. They will share their knowledge and training tips, and you’ll get to ask them anything that you want to know about becoming a hypnotherapist!

Only sign up if you want to LEARN hypnotherapy

This free hypnotherapy training event is designed for anyone who’s looking to become a professional hypnotherapist (full-time or part-time), as well as for those seeking to use hypnotherapy for self-help purposes, and even those who wish to incorporate hypnotherapy into a pre-existing business. 

Aside from your motivation to learn hypnotherapy, you’re more than welcome to join this free event if you’re an absolute beginner with no experience whatsoever, if you’re a complementary therapist and you’d like to include hypnotherapy within your ‘therapy toolkit’, or even if you’ve already qualified as a hypnotherapist in the past, and you’d like to further develop your skills and your confidence using hypnotherapy approaches.

We have taught people from all walks of life, and the key similarity between all of our students and graduates is that they were serious about getting the best quality hypnotherapy training possible. We love helping people to become the best hypnotherapists they can be, and we’d love the opportunity to help you on your journey too!

Hypnosis-Courses.com tutors performing hypnosis over Zoom at a free hypnotherapy training session

If you don’t want to learn hypnotherapy for yourself, perhaps you’re on this page because you have some general questions about hypnosis and  hypnotherapy? Maybe you’d like to experience what hypnosis is like, or even book in for a private hypnotherapy session? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered:

Who can join?

If you would like to become a hypnotherapist and you’re over 18+ years old, then you’re eligible to join this event. People of all ages, genders and backgrounds are welcome. So, if you are interested in helping other people and you are ready to learn more, we’d love to meet you at our next free hypnotherapy training event!

*You must be over 18+ years of age

**Do not join this event if you have any psychological or psychiatric disorders or severe learning difficulties/cognitive deficits. Contact us for alternative options.

What is covered?

When you join our hypnotherapy discovery event, you will learn:

  • Facts about hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • How to effectively learn hypnotherapy
  • How to structure a hypnotherapy session
  • The different ‘types’ of hypnotherapy you can learn
  • What a hypnotherapist can help with
  • What you need to know in order to practice as a hypnotherapist
  • Much more…

Join us for FREE

Many hypnotherapy schools charge extra for short ‘taster and discovery events’. However, we believe all hypnotherapy students should get an opportunity to learn more about hypnotherapy before signing up to a paid course! That’s why our discovery event remains 100% FREE!

Also, unlike some hypnotherapy trainers, we don’t cut down the content either. This free event is an intensive 1.5 hours, and is a truly valuable resource for anyone looking to become a hypnotherapist.

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Online Discovery Event

Tuesday 26th April 2022 - 7pm-8.30pm

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Prefer to meet us in person?

As well as running these online discovery events throughout the year, we also run hypnotherapy taster days (in person) via our sister company, HypnoTC.com. These events take place at our luxurious 5-star training venue in Embankment, Central London (UK). If you’d like to join Rory and Kate in person for one of these events, visit the HypnoTC ‘taster day’ page here:

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If you want to get started on your hypnotherapy journey sooner, rather than later, click here to arrange a free 1-to-1 discovery call with our tutors.

Booked Your Place?

Once you’ve got your ticket booked, feel free to check out our range of hypnosis blogs, they’re a great place to start learning about hypnosis and hypnotherapy for free!

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