This Hypno Games book provides 75 games, with a diverse range of fun and interesting hypnosis and creative activities. These are specially designed to enable all levels to participate, from a complete newbie to a 30+ year veteran.

Engaging in these hypno games provides opportunities for teams and individuals to explore their own and others’ hypnosis and hypnotherapy views, knowledge and skills.

The games can be used individually, or within ‘The Hypno Games’ as an organised and fun event.

Most of the games can be played online as well as in-person, with as few as two people, through to as many as you can fit in a room at any event, whether a small gathering, an international conference, or other hypno event. .

As well as the 75 games, which are clearly outlined and explained, this book also gives the rationale behind the games, their structure, how to adapt and create your own games, and even how to prepare your game participants. You may start ‘The Hypno Games’ as strangers, and end as friends.

An ideal resource for hypnosis and hypnotherapy trainers, event organisers and any hypnotist or hypnotherapist who would like to develop their knowledge and skills, whilst having fun!

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