Powerful Hypnosis Presentations, the Hypnodemo approach by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks

Powerful Hypnosis Presentations – The HypnoDemo Approach



There is more to a great hypnosis presentation than being a good hypnotherapist/hypnotist. This book will help you to understand all the key elements that can help you deliver highly effective presentations and demonstrations to stimulate interest in your hypnosis skills, sell your services, and make you memorable to potential clients, promoting yourself as the expert and boosting your professional profile.

This book will teach you the HypnoDemo approach, which covers every aspect of giving an effective hypnosis presentation, including how to perform great hypnosis demonstrations. It will help you develop all aspects of your presentation, from initial concept, through actually doing it, to gaining insight and refining your presentations after each successive run through. You will discover how to enhance and add impact to your presentations and demonstrations, increase your professional confidence, and you will learn how to enjoy yourself throughout the entire process.

You might be wondering what are the benefits of going to all the effort of planning and giving presentations. Surely as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, a bit of advertising and a good website are enough? Well in some areas, they might be. Realistically though, prospective clients have increasingly high expectations, are more informed and have greater choice than in previous years, meaning you need to be more visible to stand out. This is where actually showing people what you can do becomes a big priority!

In this book, you will learn what habits and qualities you can bring to your presentation, as well as how your experience and knowledge can also contribute. It covers the preparation and rehearsal phases of a presentation are considered in depth, together with how you can develop and make effective use of outstanding communication skills. You will also learn how to elevate your presentation to another level with a great hypnosis or hypnotherapy demonstration, including a detailed supplementary chapter with suggestibility tests, inductions and deepeners. The needs of the audience are also addressed, both in terms of their experience and making your presentation and demonstration memorable. The final chapter is geared towards how you can effectively leverage your presentations to sell your services and promote your business.

So, whether you are planning to give a talk about ‘the power of the mind’ to your local business networking group, speak at an international conference about your new hypnotherapy technique, help a sports team understand how hypnosis can help them focus better, or persuade a local social group to sign up to your weight management programme, this book will show you how to develop and fine tune every aspect of your hypnosis presentation and demonstration, helping you to become a truly mesmerizing hypnotic presenter.

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