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The Instant Hypnosis and Rapid Inductions Guidebook



The new, expanded edition of Rory’s Rapid Induction Guidebook (2021) contains over double the content of the 2nd edition, and includes all new rapid inductions, deepeners, and much more!

Hypnotism is a SKILL not a gift. YOU can learn to be a confident, super-fast hypnotist by reading this book. If you want to learn instant hypnosis, i.e. methods to hypnotise family, friends and strangers that can take as little as 1-second to accomplish (seriously, it can be THAT quick!) then act now and snatch up this how-to manual (complete with pictures to help you along the way). When you go to see a Hypnotherapist, they often use slow, progressive hypnosis methods – this is not what the book is about. THIS book is about INSTANT, RAPID, FAST, BLINK-OF-AN-EYE SPEED HYPNOSIS…The cool stuff.

Guiding you from basic safety precautions all the way through to advanced speed-hypnosis inductions, Rory Z gives you all you need to know to begin practicing hypnosis either for fun with your mates, as a roving street hypnotist or as a professional stage-hypnotist. This book is also a very useful tool for the aspiring Hypnotherapist, looking to learn a plethora of new, quick inductions to allow your clients to achieve amazing depth of trance in a fraction of the time.

All of the methods within are tried, tested and verified – i.e. they all work! This book cuts away all of the linguistic mumbo-jumbo, dispels all the myths and gets down to cold hard facts, straight away. If you want to be confused and bogged down with unnecessary information – this book is NOT for you. If you want to quickly learn how to hypnotise with skill and confidence – this is the book that you need to add to your collection today.

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