Rory Z Fulcher's Stage Hypnosis 101 DVD standing open on a table

Stage Hypnosis 101- Learn to be a Comedy Hypnotist (DVD)




NOTE: These DVDs are shipped internationally with Amazon UK only. This DVD is also available in the training section as a separate digital download. This product is a hard-copy DVD and does not include the digital download version.

Learn how to perform comedy-hypnosis quickly, safely and confidently with the techniques presented on this instructional DVD. You will learn: How to Pick Volunteers, How to Hypnotise People, Trance Deepening Methods, Hilarious Routines & Sketches and How to “De-Program” & Wake Up Volunteers 

These techniques are known and used by stage & street hypnotists all over the world. Once proficient with these methods, you will be able to hypnotise your friends, family and even members of the public for entertainment purposes, easily and confidently.

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