Man in a grey suit holding The Stage & Street Hypnosis Handbook by Rory Z Fulcher in front of his face with both hands

The Stage & Street Hypnosis Handbook



YOU can learn to be a confident stage or street hypnotist by reading this book. If you want to learn comedy hypnosis, i.e. methods to hypnotise family, friends and strangers for fun (and yes, it is a lot of fun!) then act now and snatch up this ‘how-to’ manual that’s full of information and over 100+ scripts to walk you through it!

This book is not about ‘hypnotherapy’ and helping people with hypnosis. THIS book is about GETTING PEOPLE DOING FUNNY STUFF WITH HYPNOSIS… Guiding you from basic safety precautions all the way through to hypnotising people and delivering your own advanced comedy hypnosis routines, Rory Z gives you all you need to know to begin practicing hypnosis straight away, either for fun with your mates, as a roving street hypnotist or as a professional stage-hypnotist.

This book is also a very useful tool for the aspiring Hypnotherapist, because learning how to deliver effective suggestions is one of the key elements covered in the book. This is an integral tool of the hypnotherapist (and one that’s not always taught well on courses). All of the methods within the book are tried, tested and verified – i.e. they all work! This book cuts away all of the linguistic mumbo-jumbo, dispels all the myths and gets down to cold hard facts, straight away. If you want to be confused and bogged down with unnecessary information – this book is NOT for you. If you want to easily learn how to hypnotise with skill and confidence – this is the book that you need to add to your collection today!

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