Is online hypnosis training worth doing?

Is online hypnosis training worth doing

There are many different types of hypnosis training courses out there, both online and offline, so which one is right for you, the avid hypnosis student? Well, that all depends on how you learn best. Do you like to watch someone do something and then have a go at replicating it yourself? Or would you prefer to read an explanation of what it is that you’re going to do first, or maybe even read through a full ‘script’ so that you can follow it word-for-word? Generally, the best way for most people to learn is by taking a multi-modality approach. This means both reading and watching (as well as the obvious, practising)!

In terms of ‘course notes’ or ‘course manuals’ online courses and live courses will likely have manuals of similar quality (…well depending on the quality of the training in general that is). Some live hypnosis training courses do not offer handouts and notes to accompany the course, and similarly some online course providers do not offer notes either. If you really do like to read as well as watch then it’s worth ensuring that whichever hypnosis course you choose, online or offline, it has a course manual or notes. The majority of our  online hypnosis training courses feature comprehensive course manuals that directly support and expand upon the information delivered in the training videos, and for the few courses that don’t have manuals (due to being originally released as DVDs), we have recommended books that directly support the course content. Similarly, the HypnoTC Hypnotherapy Diploma Course has extensive course notes to support the classroom learning, and to further embed that important theoretical knowledge. So, with whichever kind of courses you take, consider how you best learn, as you’re going to benefit by studying in that modality, as well as having additional supportive training materials too.

The key difference between online training and live training is the fact that you are not there in person with the trainer or trainers. Now there are added benefits of being with your trainers during the course, the main one being that they can give you direct feedback on how you are performing the things that you have just learned. However this is something that you can also do yourself with online hypnosis courses, distance-learning courses, and even hypnosis books. How? Well, a really easy way to get feedback on something that you’re doing is to ask the person that you’re practising with how they felt about it. If they don’t have any hypnosis-specific knowledge upon which to base feedback, then another option is to simply record yourself whilst you’re practising, whether video or audio, and play it back-to scrutinise it yourself, checking it against the course notes or even alongside the training video itself. Pretty much everyone has a phone with a camera and voice recorder these days, so you don’t even need any additional equipment in order to do this (though if you have equipment already, feel free to use it)!

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Whilst on the topic of tutor feedback and support, do remember to consider that taking a live course instead of an online course in order to interact directly with your trainers does not guarantee that you will be given that opportunity. There are many live hypnosis training courses out there where the tutors do not engage with their students beyond ‘lecturing’ and ‘demonstrating’ at the front of the class. Also, if the course has a large number of students on it, you’re less likely to get 1-on-1 attention from your tutor. As hypnosis trainers and experienced teachers, we know that support is important for the majority of students in order to get the most out of a course, which is why some online hypnosis training providers (including ourselves) offer 1-to-1 support and mentoring services to their students. We personally offer 1-to-1 support for both our online courses and our live training courses, as well as supporting students from other training avenues where support was not available. Check out our mentoring and supervision page for more details about how extra support can be a massive benefit.

Another key difference between online and live hypnosis training is the fact that you will be taking an online course by yourself, whereas if you attend a face-to-face training course there will usually be other students learning with you. This can be both a positive or a negative, depending on who those other students are. Some students will be really helpful, they will ask useful questions, interject with different opinions and information, and they may give you productive feedback on your own practical abilities, which can truly add to your learning experience. However, some other students can be less helpful and can even be disruptive or distracting, making it a much less positive learning experience for all involved. As quality ‘peer support’ is a very helpful addition to your learning process, some good online hypnosis course providers give you the option to join an online community of your peers. For example, students who purchase any of our online training courses are able to join the Hypnotic Learners Facebook group. This is a ‘forum’ online that is designed specifically for people who’re learning/using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to interact, to ask questions and to engage with other hypnotists and hypnotherapists and hypnosis trainers. The great benefit with online peer support is that you don’t need to be there in person in order to benefit from communicating and sharing with your peers in a supportive learning environment. It really is the future of peer support.

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Aside from getting direct feedback from your tutors and interacting with your peers whilst you are participating in a course, online course content doesn’t actually differ that much from live course content! In fact online courses can actually allow you a better learning experience in some cases, because you are able to study at your own speed, rather than having to keep up with the rest of the class. This means you are able to slow down-and do more research around topics and concepts if there are some that you don’t quite understand yet. Also, if you miss something in a live classroom environment that the tutor has said or demonstrated, you have to ask them to repeat it (assuming they can remember what it is that they said/did). Whereas, if you have an online training video, you can pause and rewind it in order to watch again at your own leisure, and if you like to take notes you can pause the online course whilst you are completing said notes, in order that they are laid out exactly as you want them. As well as that, with most online courses you can revisit the course material over and over to your heart’s content, which you are unlikely to be able to do with live courses – unless the live course you are taking is being recorded and made available online later, but this is very rare for most live hypnosis training courses (and if it is offered, it will usually be something you have to pay extra for).

The final thing to consider when choosing a hypnosis training course, whether online or offline, is what do you get at the end. Is the course you are taking offering you some kind of certificate or qualification, and is that important? Generally, with most online or short live courses you won’t tend to get a certificate or qualification, instead they will tend to offer a CPD certificate or an attendance certificate (which show that you have taken a course, but do not technically ‘qualify you’ to do anything from a legal perspective). It’s a good idea to be aware of companies and trainers who are offering seemingly legitimate ‘qualifications’ for very short courses (both online and offline). The reason being, when you receive a real ‘qualification’ it signifies that you have engaged in a significant period of study, and have been tested (by your tutor or an external examiner) to show that you know how to do the things you have learned. So, though shorter courses of study are definitely helpful in many ways, and may give you a great theoretical and practical understanding of a topic, it’s still not quite the same as being ‘fully qualified’ to do it…

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Of course there are exceptions. If you are taking a short course or an online course on a very specific/niche topic where a just small amount of study is required, then the certificate or qualification that you have earned may be valid. Similarly, if you take an extensive online course that requires assessment and even exams to be completed in order to receive your qualification, then this too may be a valid qualification. Just remember that in the UK (and other countries too) anyone can create and provide hypnosis or hypnotherapy certificates, regardless of whether they are legitimate or not. Which means, unfortunately, there are a lot of bogus certificates and qualifications out there. One important piece of advice that will help you in the long run is, ensure that the key thing you are looking for with any training, online or offline, is the training itself, the content of the course, the actual stuff that you are going to learn. Because it’s the training that will help you build your practical skills and your theoretical knowledge of the subject, not the certificate!

So, whatever courses you choose to take, whether you keep it all online, offline, or engage in a blend of both, ensure that the training is going to give you what you want. Check out the course details before signing up to anything, read the course syllabus, look for testimonials and even talk to the tutors (they’ll generally be happy to explain things to you and answer any questions you may have). Either way, it’s important that you make an informed decision and know that whichever modality of training that you choose, the course content that you’re engaging with is the most important factor!


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We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog that discussed the question ‘is online hypnosis training worth doing?‘. If you have any more questions about this topic or anything else for that matter, do please get in touch, because we’re always happy to help!

– written by Rory Z Fulcher
(Hypnosis-Courses.com Trainer)

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