Making a living as a hypnotherapist

making a living as a hypnotherapist
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Written by Rory Z Fulcher


Hypnotherapy can be a very rewarding career option. However, many hypnotherapists choose a career in hypnotherapy, first and foremost, in order to give back, and to help people in their communities (as well as a wider audience when working with online clients). Interestingly, for a lot of hypnotherapists, money is a less important factor, and in some cases hypnotherapists do not want to think about money or business at all.

The problem is, many hypnotherapists are striving to make their careers in hypnotherapy financially viable, in order that they can afford to focus on their hypnotherapy clients full time. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a hypnotherapy practice to pay the hypnotherapists’ bills when the hypnotherapist ignores (or ‘half-asses’) the business and financial aspects required to run a successful hypnotherapy practice.

If you are a hypnotherapist reading this, or you are thinking about becoming a hypnotherapist, please make note of this very important piece of information:

UNLESS you are doing hypnotherapy as a hobby where payment/income is not in any way required, then you are going to need work towards building your own therapy business, and running it as a business.

Although you may like to be charitable with your time and your therapy-related skills, your hypnotherapy practice is not likely to be a charity. The reason for this is because you have bills to pay yourself! Like me, like John Smith down the road, and like pretty much every other person on our lovely planet, it’s probably true that you have needs that can only be met by financial means. Money might or might not buy happiness, but it is definitely helpful to have some in order to keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and to give you the flexibility to do the things that you want to do. As a hypnotherapist, this means you need your clients to pay for your services and/or your time. It also means, you need to get enough clients in order to make your hypnotherapy practice financially viable, so you can keep doing what you love – helping people – in the long-term.

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One of the most important pieces of business advice that we give to our hypnotherapy students is, hypnotherapy clients will not find you just because you have a website or a social media page. Sure, those things definitely help, however there is a lot more that needs to be done in order to build a hypnotherapy practice. Especially if you wish to build a practice that will support you, that will enable you to pay your bills and to live the life that you wish to live, whilst being able to continue to help your clients.

Consider how you’re going to become visible as a hypnotherapist in your area. Think about how the people that you’d like to get as paying clients are going to find you. Will you perhaps engage with your local community in order to develop client leads and referrals? Could you consider some form of business networking in order to connect with local business people in your area, some of whom might require your services (or be able to refer you to their own clients)?

Also, consider what services you’re actually offering. Are you a general hypnotherapist, working with pretty much any type of client/problem that walks through your door, or do you already have a niche? If you do have a niche, is that niche speciality working for you or against you? Sometimes it can be good to specialise, such as being the local phobia expert. However, if you live in a small community, you may have limited client options, and therefore could benefit from being more flexible in the types of client that you see. In contrast, if you have a huge client base, then being a specialist or niche hypnotherapist can work quite nicely to your advantage, assuming you’re getting your business in front of the right people!

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Another thing to consider is you… Do you talk about yourself and your hypnotherapy skills with people at any given opportunity, and if not, why not? Visibility, as a small business owner, is of key importance. Business success, in many cases, requires that you talk to people about your business, your services, and more importantly, what you can offer your potential clients and customers. This is especially true in the early months/years of a business.

When speaking to people about your hypnotherapy services, it’s important to be able to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, whether that is by sharing knowledge about hypnotherapy, or by using hypnosis demonstrations to showcase your services. You might even consider giving people a free hypnosis experience, in order to get them ‘through the door’ – whether in-person, online, or even pre-recorded!

There are many additional ways to successfully monetise your hypnotherapy practice too. You might develop an affiliate or referral scheme, so that your existing clients, or even friends and family begin to promote your business for you, helping to bring you new clients. You might learn to optimise your valuable time by automating some of your business processes. You might even outsource some business tasks to professionals who can give you fantastic results, freeing up your time to see more clients and to make more money. You might even develop a range of hypnosis products, such as MP3s, to begin generating ‘passive income’ whilst continuing to see clients on a day-to-day basis. As you can see from this short blog, there are a plethora of options available to you as a hypnotherapy business owner. To learn more about exactly what you need to do to get more clients and to earn more money as a hypnotherapist, sign-up to our monetize your hypnotherapy practice course today:


The Monetise Your Therapy Practice Online Course

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This course covers, in detail, all of the topics mentioned in this blog, and shows you exactly what you need to do to put them into place for your own business, helping you to immediately start getting more clients and generating more income with hypnotherapy.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog on making a living as a hypnotherapist, and if you have any more questions about this topic, or anything else for that matter, do please get in touch, because we’re always happy to help!


– written by Rory Z Fulcher
(Hypnosis-Courses.com Trainer)

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