A posture tip for hypnotherapists

a posture tip for hypnotherapists
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Written by Rory Z Fulcher


Your posture as a hypnotist/hypnotherapist is super important. Not only does a good posture convey information about you non-verbally – for example, a slouching posture can make people appear lazy or disinterested – but good posture habits are also important for your ongoing physical health and wellbeing.

Standing with good posture is likely something that you already do. If you didn’t, you’d probably be in a heap on the floor, as you’d overbalance and fall down. Your seated posture however, is an area where many hypnotists and therapists could benefit from an ‘audit’.

When performing hypnotherapy sessions, the majority of therapists do so whilst remaining seated. This is usually a good idea, as your client will likely also be seated, so you both being seated makes sense. However, if your posture is poor during these seated sessions, your therapy work can suffer, and you can even end up in a lot of pain and needing to seek out physical therapy (such as massage, osteopathy or a chiropractic session) in order to remedy the issue.

To avoid future pain, work to become aware of your posture. Avoid slouching, or leaning forwards too often. Sure, it can be tempting to lean in whilst talking to a client, with your elbows resting on your knees for support. It shows that you’re listening and empathetic, but it can also become our ‘default’ seating position without us even realising it. Long-term, sitting in this way will likely have unhelpful consequences, causing back pain and other posture-related physical issues.



Ensure that whenever you are seated and speaking to your clients, that you are sat up straight. This can take a bit of practice, especially if we’ve got into bad posture habits, but it’s well worth re-learning how to sit up straight – your future self (and your future back) will thank you)! There’s nothing stopping you from leaning in towards your client in order to convey that you’re listening to them. Just make sure that you are conscious of where your body is, then you can remember to lean back when it is appropriate to do so.

Another benefit of keeping good posture is, when sitting up, your voice will actually be heard better than if you were leaning forward towards the client. The reason being, when you are sat upright with good posture, your lungs work better, meaning you are better able to use your voice and project the words that you say. That relative who always told you to ‘sit up straight’ may have been on to something you know…

Seeing clients is only part of the problem. As hypnotic professionals, we often have to do hours of ‘admin’ and computer work each week – it’s just part of the job (unless you have the luxury of a secretary, in which case, forward this blog to them). Most people do this work on a computer/laptop, and most people do this whilst seated (in fact, I’m doing exactly that right now).

In recent months, I’ve personally caught myself slouching over my computer in my office numerous times throughout the day, and as a result, I am noticing the consequences. They’re only slight right now, but I wouldn’t want my ‘slightly sore’ back to get any worse. It’s not necessarily an issue that you expect to face when becoming a hypnotist, but it’s important nonetheless.

As a hypnotist, you can use self-hypnosis to create and maintain your new behaviour – you likely know how to do that already. Otherwise, you can simply use your own willpower to create the change, or, change your habit completely. Rather than sitting up straight, I’ve gone the ‘change your habit completely’ direction and have just bought myself a snazzy ‘stand-up desk’ (like the one in the picture below) – meaning I can work at my usual desk/location, whilst getting all the additional health & wellbeing benefits of not being sat down for hours each day!



So, check in with yourself and figure out if your posture could do with a tweak. If it could, then do something about it and create a new, healthy habit that will serve you well for years to come …you’ll be glad that you did!

Oh, and if you’d like to get your hands on an elegant, contemporary Stand-Up Desk just like mine, visit the Harmoni website and use this coupon code when you check out to save £10 off your purchase: ‘ZLRK8D’




We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog on posture for hypnotherapists, and if you have any more questions about this topic, or anything else for that matter, do please get in touch, because we’re always happy to help!


– written by Rory Z Fulcher
(Hypnosis-Courses.com Trainer)

Circular headshot of Rory Z Fulcher Hypnosis Courses trainer


(*I get a small referral fee for each completed purchase on harmonidesk.com)

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